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Two stories, one solution...

Meet Gordon Rogoff

At age 78, Morton Lichter, a talented painter, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. He and his partner, Gordon Rogoff, a Yale professor, were astonished that between the two of them, they had difficulty navigating the abundance of paperwork and forms necessary to utilize their Medicaid benefits. If they could not figure out the system, what about someone with less schooling or training? Alerted to MMAG through a non-profit group, they initiated contact. MMAG stepped in and seamlessly took over the process of getting Morton’s medications paid for and pursued an increase in his level of home care. Now, with a little less of a worrisome burden, Gordon can get a full night’s sleep, and Morton can enjoy painting to his heart’s content and get ready for his next art showing.

Meet Arthur Dietsch

Diagnosed with Primary Lateral Sclerosis, a form of Lou Gehrig’s Disease, at the age of 58, Arthur’s health rapidly declined, and he and his wife Maritza were swimming in a minefield of bills and paperwork. They did not know how the bills were going to be paid and were fearful of losing their home. Arthur had contributed to insurance and disability for 40 years, and was still unable to sustain the mounting debt. Upon hearing of the Dietsch’s plight from a non-profit group, MMAG willingly took their case pro bono (no fees incurred) and got the Dietschs on the right track. According to Maritza, not only is Arthur’s health outlook brighter but his attitude as well. Without the constant worry of losing his residence he is able to focus more clearly on his therapy and maintaining his health.

Enter MMAG

Aging and the difficulties that go along with it are not something people like to talk about, according to Ginalisa Monterroso, CEO and Founder of MMAG. Financial obstacles can quickly escalate, and people do not know where to reach for information and help. “Morton’s and Arthur’s stories really resonated with us, and we knew we could help change their situations,” said Monterroso. “Fortunately, we were able to step in and assist both of these couples who were each in turn affected greatly by a medical illness. If they had not heard of us or been referred to us, they would most likely still be struggling. We showed them that the problems faced by those age 65 and over with medical issues can be solved.”