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Medicare Options

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Medicare Options Assistance

Connect Care Advisory Group will guide you through the maze of Medicare coverage, understanding and choosing the right plan is crucial. We will advise on plans that fit your specific needs and budget. It is important to know that the Connect Care Advisory Group is an independent consulting service and does not make recommendations based on any pre-existing working relationships. All recommendations are based on you or your loved ones’ needs.

Medicare is made up of 4 coverage components:

Part A: Hospital Insurance

Hospital & Skilled Nursing Facilities (Rehab) stays along with your hospice care needs

Part B: Medical Insurance

Physician Visits, Diagnostic Imaging, Physical Therapy, Laboratory Tests, Durable Medical Equipment(DME)

Note: Medicare only covers 80% of the costs of these services. There are supplemental plans at an additional premium that will cover the 20% balance of the costs and other expenses not covered by Part B. Connect Care Advisory Group can advise on the plan that is right for you.

Part C: Medicare Plans

These are not your traditional Medicare plans. These plans are set up as an HMO & Part D plans and have several restrictions.

Part D: Drug Plans

These plans are voluntary outpatient drug benefits coverage for people on Medicare that went into effect in 2006. In 2016, nearly 41 million Medicare beneficiaries were enrolled in Medicare Part D plans. Those ages 65 and older and those under age 65 with permanent disabilities have access to the Part D drug benefits through private plans approved by the federal government.

Choosing your Part D plan is very important and making an uninformed choice may result in high monthly premiums, annual deductibles, and excessive copays and out-of-pocket cost for drugs not covered. Connect Care Advisory Group will guide you in selecting a plan that is right for you, resulting in saving of thousands of dollars annually.

Beneficiaries with low incomes and modest assets are eligible for assistance with Part D plan premiums and cost sharing.

Connect Care Advisory Group has partnered with Medicare Rights Center, a nonprofit consumer service organization dedicated to ensuring access to affordable healthcare for adults over 65 and people with disabilities through counseling, advocacy, educational programs, and public policy initiatives.